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  • Notes of Covid as approach end of 2021

    “The development of a safe, effective and cheap vaccine, however, is only a first step towards community-wide control. Epidemiological, economic and motivational issues are at least as important as technological ones.” Nature, 1985 Vaccine implementation defines the efficacy of vaccines role in influencing a pandemic. How, when, to whom, by whom, where, why, timescale are […]

  • The Mazdoor-Kisan-Strike in India and what we can learn in the UK

    Over a quarter of a BILLION people are taking part in the Worker and Peasant Strike in India. That’s almost 3.5% of the world’s human population, the number often quoted (albeit problematic) by XR needed for #systemchange. What has this got to do with the UK? If you want to keep up to date with […]

  • Be the Black Swan: After Corbyn&Sanders

    Having lived in 21st century UK I have participated in mass demonstrations, then mass occupations and demonstrations, then mass grassroots movements, then participation in national political parties and trade unions, alongside some climate direct actions. And not too far away there is Rojava. This is a great start. These avenues all need to be maintained […]

    Be the Black Swan: After Corbyn&Sanders
  • Scenarios for C19 in the UK

    WHAT IS THIS? These are pen portraits of possible scenarios for viral contagion and government response in the UK. They give some broad indication of what the status of contagion will be dependent on accompanying government measures. I am trying to give myself a starting point for thinking how to plan for the next two […]

    Scenarios for C19 in the UK
  • What’s Next for The UK Left – 2

    Part 2 – Notes For An Agricultural Revolution component of a Green New Deal. The UK does not have its Green Industrial Revolution or Green New Deal. At least not yet. The UK does not have a leftwing, progressive, green or labour government. At least not yet. What the UK does have right now is […]

    What’s Next for The UK Left – 2
  • What’s Next for The UK Left?

    Part 1 – Notes For A Left Land Politics in the Global North The Left has remerged in the UK through working within the party political system rather than against it. We see this with the mass membership movement that has led Jeremy Corbyn to be repeatedly elected as leader of the UK Labour Party. […]

    What’s Next for The UK Left?