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  • Be the Black Swan: After Corbyn&Sanders

    Having lived in 21st century UK I have participated in mass demonstrations, then mass occupations and demonstrations, then mass grassroots movements, then participation in national political parties and trade unions, alongside some climate direct actions. And not too far away there is Rojava. This is a great start. These avenues all need to be maintained…

    Be the Black Swan: After Corbyn&Sanders
  • 2040 FilmReview

    This flash documentary attracted my attention as it explicitly describes itself as focussing on regeneration rather than conservation, protection, sustainability etc. That is it overcomes the two main principles of dominant environmental narratives; assuming people are by default exploitative and that the living environment or ‘resources’ are zero-sum and finite. Regenerative agriculture and agroforestry have…

    2040 FilmReview