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  • Recreational Hunting: Why? An ethnographic and historical case study

    Published in Revista Andaluza de Antropología. In this paper I answer the question of why people, particularly men, hunt recreationally. I combine ethnography and archival research to explore the personal motivations of contemporary recreational hunters in Northern Cyprus. I then go on to examine histories of recreational hunting by different colonisers of Cyprus. In both…

    Recreational Hunting: Why? An ethnographic and historical case study
  • Nayland Rock

    It was the summer after the pandemic first hit. We had been told to only meet outside. I lived in Margate. A coastal town sprawling across the northern shores of the long lost Isle of Thanet. My friend Joe had responded to the news of needing to meet outside by inviting me to learn to…

    Nayland Rock
  • The Dirty Nature of Paternalistic Care

    The world is increasingly controlled through administration, but it is not a productive process as it often claims to be. It is the exploitation of ideas of harm in order to gain control of resources. Paternalistic ‘democratic’ and ‘caring’ processes are at the very heart of this exploitation.

    The Dirty Nature of Paternalistic Care
  • How Hunters Make Sense

    It had been a long winter’s hunting season with only a few partridge shot. We had spent it strenuously combing the countryside in the day whilst sleeping restlessly with anticipation at night. Waking well before any cocks had crowed or signs of day had risen, we trudged for hours through bracken and bushes, and over…

    How Hunters Make Sense