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  • The Beginnings of a Hypothesis on How to Build Better Robots

    The industry of developing computer intelligence, machine learning and artificial intelligence is largely embedded in a particular version of cognitive science. This computing-industry often takes it ideas for memory, learning and development from the brand of evolutionary theory from a particular version of cognfitive science. This brand of evolutionary theory has at its heart an…

    The Beginnings of a Hypothesis on How to Build Better Robots
  • Disobedient Being – Prague Workshop

    ‘Despite the attempts of governing and bordering, no beings behave as they are expected to do. Indian migrants in the Gulf do not necessarily want to be naturalised, parakeets enjoy the London winter despite their tropical origins, boars eat sandwiches and roam in playgrounds despite the fact they are depicted as “wild”, and binational couples…

    Disobedient Being – Prague Workshop
  • Upstream Colour FilmReview

    An unusual almost verbally silent film that follows the flow of how multiple species’ lives are layered into each other. Where one life begins and one ends is not so clear, reflecting how entangled life is. It is not that there are not ‘individuals’ or ‘persons’, just that they are not bounded. This flow of…

    Upstream Colour FilmReview