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  • Towards a new calendar

    Ideology is the myth that justifies the creation and reproduction of a particular social order. It becomes a way of believing and behaving that shapes how we know reality. Having been born into the social order of an empire I therefore have the option offered by this order; to be a function or surplus. By […]

    Towards a new calendar
  • Toilet Borders & The Bog Monster

    I had a Zizekian dream last night. The flush toilet emerged as the daily frontier of hard bordering. When flush toilet people shit we immediately outsource the unwanted nature.. …to the subaltern realm. The toilet acts to place a hard border between us and it. A hard deportation. Water is the means of cleansing and […]

    Toilet Borders & The Bog Monster
  • Species and Biodiversity are Concepts Unfit for Purpose.

    A species is often taken to be an objective thing in the world. It’s not. It’s a concept about the real world. In academic language we call this the difference between ontology and epistemology. Species is one way of categorising life. Not to be conflated with what’s out there. One can say species is a […]

    Species and Biodiversity are Concepts Unfit for Purpose.
  • Menu ‘Democracy’

    A good friend and citizen of Australia showed me the enormous size of his ballot over the weekend. In Australia they have proportional representation and the single transferable vote, which means a larger number of smaller parties are on the ballot. It’s kind of cool in comparison to the UK where I vote, but it […]

    Menu ‘Democracy’
  • How We Are Playing: Category Simulation and Imagination

    I wrote a recent post on how imagination is key to how we act in the world inspired by The Dawn of Everything book, despite its middling issues with using imperial time (an issue that is both big and small and to be addressed in the future and not necessary to read right now). Do […]

    How We Are Playing: Category Simulation and Imagination
  • Primordial Soup

    “If the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail.”  We all believe in stories. Stories shape how we understand reality. They guide our imagination as to what we see as realistic. What is viable. What is possible. Christopher Columbus was familiar with the story that the […]

    Primordial Soup
  • The Body Prophet

    As I lay in bed this morning reflecting on all the beautiful seedlings that I had moved from the nursery to the veg garden the day before, I was also feeling the dagger jabs every time I moved. The medical name for the condition is Ankylosing Spondylitis and its described as an autoimmune disorder. I […]

    The Body Prophet
  • And What About You? Quick Notes on Political Imagination

    “The events in Ottawa and at various points along the US-Canada border are setting the stage for a liberal, pro-police, pro-civility backlash that will hit us as well.” (Crimethinc 2022). As I was reading this report on the situation in Ottawa Canada, which reportedly involved a lot of honking (not ducks) and trucks (not truckers), […]

    And What About You? Quick Notes on Political Imagination
  • McScience

    “A tree is not a forest. On its own, a tree cannot establish a consistent local climate. It is at the mercy of wind and weather. But together, many trees create an ecosystem that moderates extremes of heat and cold, stores a great deal of water, and generates a great deal of humidity. And in […]

  • Notes of Covid as approach end of 2021

    “The development of a safe, effective and cheap vaccine, however, is only a first step towards community-wide control. Epidemiological, economic and motivational issues are at least as important as technological ones.” Nature, 1985 Vaccine implementation defines the efficacy of vaccines role in influencing a pandemic. How, when, to whom, by whom, where, why, timescale are […]

  • Introduction to Regenerative Agriculture

    “In just over a decade regenerative agriculture has garnered a lot of attention with land-use stakeholders in the Global North. Especially in the food, farming, and environmental sectors. The concept of ‘regenerative’ has also grown beyond reference to agricultural systems and is seen as being the concept-in-waiting for upgrading ideas of sustainability and resilience (Wahl). […]

  • How To Count

    A short extract from my thesis on Hunting in Northern Cyprus, pages 155-162. Whilst I talk here about counting hunters and hunting, the same approach to critical and analytical thinking used below can be used when counting populations of anything or anyone from potatoes to dragonflies, from patients to priests. I was sitting opposite Hasan, […]

    How To Count
  • The Plutocratic Platform State

    The new concept needed is the Platform State. Take England. A year of pandemic lockdowns, exacerbated by a failed test and trace system and an underresourced NHS. For those of you who pay attention to the inherent logic of political narrative in England and how its plays out on the ground, you will be most […]

  • Nayland Rock

    It was the summer after the pandemic first hit. We had been told to only meet outside. I lived in Margate. A coastal town sprawling across the northern shores of the long lost Isle of Thanet. My friend Joe had responded to the news of needing to meet outside by inviting me to learn to […]

    Nayland Rock
  • Capital 4 People: Dissolving Capitalism through Democratizing Capital

    Back in January 25, 2018 I published this blog on ‘How can everyone take over the world?’ and ‘Where can I ethically invest?’ An idea that emerged through conversation with Prof. Mike Fischer in 2017 and in reply to Laura BC’s questions. In light of the amazing developments of reddit users vs hedgefunds I thought […]