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  • Meaningful Green Action in Europe

    Les Soulèvements de la Terre, (Earth’s Uprisings) As well as the pension strikes in France, there was a huge protest in the West of the country at the site of a highly contentious mega-bassine that is currently under construction. Mega-bassines are giant artificial lakes into which private companies are pumping groundwater. In the West of…

    Meaningful Green Action in Europe
  • My News Diet

    A place to document where I source my news diet from

    My News Diet
  • Bristol Sail Cargo – Distributor

    I collaborated on Bristol Sail Cargo in Spring 2022 as part of an alliance of organisations who share a passion for sail-shipped cargo, working together with shared ethics to create a healthy transport culture that promotes the preservation of the environment for future generations. We sourced produce via the Sail Cargo Alliance, sold online at…

    Bristol Sail Cargo – Distributor
  • Catchment Futures – Researcher

    I am working as part of team on the following during 2019/20 I conducted the main body of research on the Catchment Futures project which was designed to explore the consequences of land use on the Medway water environment. Working with stakeholders in this catchment, the project aimed to build a rich understanding of the…

    Catchment Futures – Researcher
  • Hunting Studies – Research Network

    In 2015 I founded the Anthropology of Hunting and Conservation Network that went on to inform Hunting Studies, a new field of research that was proposed by Professor Garry Marvin at a network meeting in 2018. Introduction to Hunting Studies Whether in newspapers, academic research or public discourse, hunting has been described as a leisurely…

    Hunting Studies – Research Network