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  • The Royal Oak: Animism under Monarchy

    The last time a man named Charles sat on the English throne he first had to be saved by a tree from republican revolutionaries. When he was later installed as monarch, the annual celebration of this restoration of monarchy was named after that tree. The tree would also come to adorn the flag of the […]

    The Royal Oak: Animism under Monarchy
  • How to not make photocopiers from humans

    If you teach online you encounter the challenge of digital communications and “content” on an intimate basis. I have noticed that a large number of emails and time is spent on integrating – what I am calling – ‘digital machines’ in to use. Digital machines can be a spreadsheet used to organize some activity, they […]

    How to not make photocopiers from humans
  • Configurations of Preparedness (Pastoral and Cynegetic)

    I found myself reconsidering earlier work that drew on Machiavelli and Gramsci’s insights on preparation and crisis. In Frédéric Keck’s book he compares how Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore respond to viruses. More precisely he unpacks the different techniques of preparedness and different forms of power these techniques emerge from. Keck effectively categorises how his […]

    Configurations of Preparedness (Pastoral and Cynegetic)
  • Belonging

    According to evolutionary theory, as used by proponents of the modern synthesis of biology, the genetic transcript of each species determines who they are, what properties they possess and so what niche they are adapted to. Hence all organisms have a proper place they belong. The English word ‘belonging’ originated in the 11th-15th century with […]

  • Associate, Assemble, Aid: a (re)configuration of human-human and human-nonhuman

    Since I can remember I have been trying to understand how humans relate to the other animals they encounter. As a child I remember being baffled as to how people could claim to “love all animals”, but being shocked at my parents who would take immediate direct action whenever witnessing animals being abused. I also […]

    Associate, Assemble, Aid: a (re)configuration of human-human and human-nonhuman