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  • Recreational Hunting: Why? An ethnographic and historical case study

    Published in Revista Andaluza de Antropología. In this paper I answer the question of why people, particularly men, hunt recreationally. I combine ethnography and archival research to explore the personal motivations of contemporary recreational hunters in Northern Cyprus. I then go on to examine histories of recreational hunting by different colonisers of Cyprus. In both […]

    Recreational Hunting: Why? An ethnographic and historical case study
  • Affections for a Papaya Tree

    How belonging is rooted in private property and given credence by Darwinism. Presentation at EASA 2022 as part of co-convening panel on ethnographies of post-colonial population control. I will draw on 3 peer reviewed papers from my doctoral fieldwork. This will establish my argument that you can turn places into your belongings by telling stories. […]

    Affections for a Papaya Tree
  • A Thames Estuary Creative Commons

    This document is a composite of paraphrased voices from three online panel talks held across October and November 2021. These talks brought together over 30 contributors including 4 conveners, 12 speakers and attendees, as well various cited resources. This document explores the notion of a Thames Estuary Creative Commons through piecing together these peoples contributions. […]

    A Thames Estuary Creative Commons
  • The Futility and Power of Cleaning a Landscape

    Published in Worldwide Waste: Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies. This paper investigates why the culling of corvids in Northern Cyprus continues despite it being recognised by those that do it as ineffective. Participant observation, semi-structured interviews and archival research were conducted with a range of people involved in the management and practice of culling. The analysis […]

    The Futility and Power of Cleaning a Landscape
  • Catchment Futures – Project Report

    The project was led by researchers at the Kent Interdisciplinary Centre for Spatial Studies, University of Kent working in conjunction with Southern Water Services Ltd – the project’s sponsor – and the Medway Catchment Partnership, a key beneficiary of this research. More generally, the research was intended to inform the development of integrated approaches to […]

    Catchment Futures – Project Report
  • A Murder of Crows: Culling Corvids in Northern Cyprus

    Published in Human Ecology “Culling, the killing of non-human animals, is practiced worldwide as a form of population control and environmental management. In tandem with other practices, culling is expected to deliver ecosystems valued by those performing such tasks. Examining its efficacy is crucial in maintaining a cull’s legitimacy and ensuring its ecological value…..” “…hunters […]

    A Murder of Crows: Culling Corvids in Northern Cyprus