From the Cubby – Film

‘From the Cubby’ is intended as a three-part documentary film series, exploring an outbreak of tuberculosis that clustered among a community of people rough sleeping in Canterbury (Southeast England). I have been helping produce the film and would like to now invite followers of this blog to join me for a pilot screening of chapter one, and livestreamed presentations from the series directors.

Register here to watch:

Part 1 synopsis : ‘The Travellers Tale’ (runtime 60 mins)

This episode contextualises the precarious lives of the series protagonists. It explores the life and death of Martin. In a spirited attempt to educate the public around homelessness, Martin takes the filmmaker (then aged 27) on a nerve-rattling journey. Acting as a gatekeeper to the rough sleeping community, Martin introduces the filmmaker to members of the local street population, guides him through homeless encampments, and offers insights into his heritage and upbringing. When Martin disappears on Christmas Day, the circumstances are both harrowing and mysterious. Martin leaves behind a breadcrumb trail of clues, leading to Canterbury Cathedral, where an iconic sculpture springs to life with new meaning. At the end of episode 1, the filmmaker is left trying to complete a PhD on fishing, while contemplating the symbolism of a black cat stuffed inside a guitar bag….

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