Garden of Ideas

On Saturday 9th July 3-5:30pm 12 guests were invited to the strawberry allotment in Bristol. With the following message:

📖 If you like book clubs but didn’t do the reading

🤣 Enjoy stand-up but haven’t written jokes

🥦 Love eating but what’s on menu doesn’t like you…

Then you will love this!

🍓 A five course feast in a magical setting

🎭 Your host (Avi) and his sidekick Garçon (Avi) will take you through 3 tales of critical cooking and creative thinking. Each tale explored through a playful dish.

The Tales

Imagination: If the only story you hold is a hammer, you tend to see life as nails.

Menu Democracy: From false claims to democracy, to food sovereignty.

Let Them Eat Cake: Three coercive hierarchies and how to be a power ranger.

The Dishes

1st: Almond Gaspacho

2nd: Sushi All Ways

3rd: Mama Ganoush, Mango Salsa Salad & Polenta Chips

4th: Papaya & Grapefruit Lollies.

The Responses

“Lovely! I really enjoyed the stories that are thought provoking while eating, it’s wonderful to mix ideas with the taste of the food we were eating.”

“Great stories, great food, great people. Waiting on Garcon’s next appearance!”

“Refreshing to meet a lovely bunch of humans to share food and stories in nature!”

(two months later) “I think often about the allotment philosophy lessons. They still provide me with food for thought”

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