Death to the Intelligent Designer

Published in Gods & Radicals Press

Did you ever play the popular 90s computer game ‘Lemmings’? It involved little anthropomorphized lemming creatures endlessly born onto your computer screen. Your job as the computer player was to use the limited options available to command the Lemmings to build bridges, parachutes and use other tools and infrastructures. If you as the player designed their world correctly, then you would save the lemmings from killing themselves by walking off cliffs or marching mindlessly into boiling cauldrons. Often these designs meant that many lemmings would have to be sacrificed by the player to achieve the objective of a ‘well-designed world’. The final aim of each level of the game was to direct the lemmings towards a magical exit, which I assumed was some sort of lemming heaven reserved for those lemmings who you managed to save.

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