Be the Black Swan: After Corbyn&Sanders

Having lived in 21st century UK I have participated in mass demonstrations, then mass occupations and demonstrations, then mass grassroots movements, then participation in national political parties and trade unions, alongside some climate direct actions. And not too far away there is Rojava.

This is a great start. These avenues all need to be maintained in some form but the next thing that needs to enter ‘the public consciousness’ is:

  1. An ideology of care that is intimately related with freedom.
  2. A system of designing globally and manufacturing/growing locally.
  3. A left land politics of the Global North (in UK and US).
  4. Sub-national organisations, associations, platforms and worker alliances that hold resources, manufacturing facilities, labs and tools e.g. municipalities, consortiums, public sectors, bioregional partnerships.
  5. Global design forums e.g. Open Source the World Health Organization.

I am not a political strategist but an analyst of what needs to be in place to enrich human and nonhuman life for all and become the Black Swan that delivers us out of crises. All the above points already have precedents, research and working examples, we need to embrace, reproduce and develop them.

Also Chag Sameach! Its Passover! When jews like myself celebrate walking out on pharaohs as civilizations with hubris crumble at a few crises.

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