Catchment Futures – Researcher

I am working as part of team on the following during 2019/20

I conducted the main body of research on the Catchment Futures project which was designed to explore the consequences of land use on the Medway water environment. Working with stakeholders in this catchment, the project aimed to build a rich understanding of the factors that drive change in the catchment and their implications for the future of water. An important part of this project was exploring the views of key stakeholders followed by modelling how the ecology of the catchment can support viable water futures.

The project was led by researchers at the Kent Interdisciplinary Centre for Spatial Studies working in conjunction with Southern Water Serviced Ltd – the project’s sponsor – and the Medway Catchment Partnership, a key beneficiary of this research. More generally, the research informed the development of integrated approaches to shaping the future of water catchments.

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