Upstream Colour FilmReview

An unusual almost verbally silent film that follows the flow of how multiple species’ lives are layered into each other. Where one life begins and one ends is not so clear, reflecting how entangled life is. It is not that there are not ‘individuals’ or ‘persons’, just that they are not bounded.

This flow of relations is told through constructing the film around the life-cycle of a fictional parasite connecting pigs, people and plants. It also merges different personalities, where the binary of ‘good’ or ‘bad’ character is ambigious. Furthermore, ‘the ego’ of the characters is not thrust upon the viewer but frayed and spread between species.

This film is packed with themes, from motherhood to substance use, from exploitation to love, all flowing into one another without them being pushed onto you. This makes it mesmerising and less a film so much as a portrait of a multispecies/multipersonality collective, focussed not through mythic story or ego-centric narrative but a thread-like worm.

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